Thank You for Purchasing Photo Booth Upload!

You're almost ready to start instantly creating and sharing awesome photos at your parties and events! Here are a few steps before we get started:

Step by Step Setup Directions: Photo Booth Upload License Activation 

Note: Your Photo Booth Upload License is only for ONE computer. Only activate your license on the computer you plan to use it on!

Step 1: Download Photo Booth Upload from here.

Step 2: Download and install the Photo Party Upload Helper to run on your Photo Booth or Laptop from here: Photo Party Upload - HELPER (Click Here for more details on how Photo Party Upload works with Photo Booth Upload).
Step 3: Open Photo Booth Upload windows app.

Step 4: If License activation window does not open... Press “S” to open settings. Click on “Enter New License”

Step 5: Enter your account information, copy in your redeem code, and click Activate:

CONGRATULATIONS! You are ready to start taking some awesome photos!

Be sure to download the Photo Booth Upload User Guide and check out our Photo Booth Upload Getting Started tutorials.

Remember: You can always press "S" or triple click in the bottom right corner of the screen to get to settings.

When your 2-week trial is over you can still try out the features of Photo Booth Upload, but all of your photos will have a large PBU watermark on them. To take photos without a watermark you can buy a license from our website.


Manage your Licenses:

You can view all of your activated licenses and redeem codes in your Event Manager Account.

Note: For Annual licenses, you can activate and deactivate your license on a new computer 3 times over the course of your yearlong license.

For Lifetime licenses, you can activate and deactivate your license on a new computer 3 times over the first three years of your license (you can keep using the license after that, you just won't be able to move it again).

Note 2: Licenses and redeem codes will not appear on the Event Manager until they have been activated for the first time.


Next Steps: 
If you haven’t used Photo Party Upload in the past – Create Your First Event
If you have any issues, need help, or want to check out our feature tutorials - Head to our Support Page.