Thank You for Purchasing Photo Booth Upload!

You're almost ready to start instantly creating and sharing awesome photos at your parties and events! Here are a few steps before we get started:

Step by Step Setup Directions: Photo Booth Upload License Activation 

Note: Your Photo Booth Upload License is only for ONE computer. Only activate your license on the computer you plan to use it on!
Step 1: Download Photo Booth Upload from here.

Step 2: Download and install the Photo Party Upload Helper to run on your Photo Booth or Laptop from here: Photo Party Upload - HELPER (Click Here for more details on how Photo Party Upload works with Photo Booth Upload).

Apple/Mac Version - Click here to download Photo Party Upload for your *Mac.
*The Mac version is still in beta and does not include all features of Photo Party Upload. Click the link to see further details.
Step 3: Open Photo Booth Upload windows app.

Step 4: If License activation window does not open... Press “S” to open settings. Click on “Enter New License”

Step 5: Copy the “PC Code” to your Clipboard.

Step 6:  Sign into 

Step 7: Click photo booth upload licenses then click I have a redeem code.  

 Step 8: Fill in your information.

 Step 9: Add your PC description and paste your "PC Code" and "Redeem Code" into the appropriate boxes and hit submit.

 Step 10: The website will generate a license code for your PC. Copy the License Code from the website and paste it into the activation box in the Photo Booth Upload software and fill in your name… Click Submit.


Next Steps:

 If you haven’t used Photo Party Upload in the past – Create Your First Event

 If you have any issues or need help, head to our support page.